Monday, October 5, 2015

Guest Post | Jodi of Up the Rollercoaster on her favourite Canadian bloggers

Hi everyone! I'm Jodi and I'm taking over Just J today while she's away. I blog at Up the Rollercoaster where I share my lipstick obsession and occasionally gush about my love for my cat, Korra. But today I'm going to be sharing a few of the Canadian bloggers who constantly inspire me and who I fangirl over a little bit every time they share a new post. 

First up, Chelle of Make Up Your Mind loves colour and she constantly inspires me to play with my makeup, instead of slapping on the same old boring eyeshadow shade day after day. Her eye tutorials are easy to follow and succinct thanks to the makeup maps she creates to show her readers how she's done the makeup. She also loves lipstick just as much as I do and her weekly swatch posts often remind me to pull out older palettes again.

Jayne of Cosmetic Proof was one of the first Canadian bloggers I remember finding and she is such a sweetheart! Jayne never disappoints with her in depth reviews on the latest and greatest makeup and skincare releases and her frequent makeup tutorials. I believe she started off as a nail blogger and she pulls out those skills every once in a while to dazzle us with her skills. Plus her Instagram is full of photos of her cats, Hugo and Hemingway, which is all I can ask for, really. ;) 

There are so many bloggers whose photography blows me away - I could honestly spend an entire post gushing about them. But so we aren't all here for days I am going to share a lady who has blown me away from the first moment I landed on her site. Brittany of life, set sail is a beauty and fashion blogger out of Calgary who loves to work with local and international brands alike. Whether she is shooting product photos, makeup or fashion shots her photography is always beautifully composed and lit. This girl has skill!

Okay, I can't talk about photography and leave out Natalie of Ivory Avenue. Natalie is constantly pushing herself and evolving in her art - because Natalie's photos are truly art. Every time she posts something new I am finding myself drooling a little bit. Her photos and articles could appear in any magazine and I wouldn't be shocked. Besides taking jaw-dropping photos, Natalie tests new products, shares her love for baths and occasionally shares beautiful makeup looks.

The last blogger I want to mention is another lover of lipstick and all things colour: Jenn of Vibrant, Vivacious, Veracious Beauty Blog. I first met Jenn through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers secret Santa and it's been love ever since. ;) Jenn loves to play with colour and it wouldn't be a week on VVV without her sharing a makeup look or two. If you're looking for high end product review, Jenn is your girl!

These are only a few of the Canadian bloggers that I flock to for inspiration and a smile, but I hope this little list has given you a few new blogs to follow! Thanks again to MizzJ for having me today. <3

I couldn't agree more with Jodi's picks for her fave Canadian bloggers - each of these girls has such a fantastic blog and have such fun personalities! It's so cool how each girl blogs about similar topics (makeup, skincare) yet are so different in their approaches and style. Just goes to show that it's the blogger that makes the blog! And don't forget to check out Jodi too!

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Annabelle's Solution for Easy-peasy Makeup Mornings: The Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils and the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils

annabelle eyeshadow pencils

I'm always surprised when people say that they never wear eyeshadow because it's too difficult. Red lipstick is difficult. A perfectly straight cat-eye liner is difficult. Wearing false eyelashes is difficult! But eyeshadow? Literally it can be as easy as slapping something on with the ball of your finger - or as easy as swiping your lids with a fancy eyeshadow pencil.

Recently, I was sent over a few of the Annabelle eyeshadow pencils to try and I have to say - they are awesome. Eyeshadow pencils are kind of a new thing; they've been around for seasons, but in the last year or so, they seem to have exploded in popularity and it's easy to see why. While eyeshadows can be daunting with all the various tools and techniques involved, eyeshadow pencils are pretty straightforward.

Annabelle's Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils came out a few years ago and are designed to be long-lasting while having a creamy, easy to work with finish. The line comes with 7 colors, mostly made up of bright, peacock toned colors, but I received the ony 2 neutral shades of the line, Cocoaloco and Mokamirage, to try.

annabelle smoothie eye shadow pencils
Top to bottom: Cocoaloco, Mokamirage

Cocoaloco is a rich, chocolate brown that has a super soft texture and a beautiful satiny finish. I love these kinds of warm browns as they're very flattering on my NC25 skintone. While cooler, more ashy browns tend to make my eyes look very bare, warm browns like these light up my eyes and give them a subtle depth. I found Cocoaloco very easy to work with. Because of their softness, the point on the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils quickly wears away, so don't expect any thin, precise lines. Instead, you'll get a thick, smudgy line that can be easily blended out for a quick daytime smoky eye. You can even make this into a quick full lid color simply by coloring in your lower lid, then smudging everything out with a finger and blending it up above the crease. You only have few precious seconds to work with this pencil before the color sets and once it does, you get all day wear with no fading. Without a primer, I did notice some creasing, but with a primer this shade wore totally fine.

Mokamirage has the same texture, finish and wear-time as Cocoaloco, but is a medium taupe-brown tone. Although my swatch looks pretty pigmented, I found that Mokamirage kinda disappears on my eyelids as it's so close to my skin color and I tend to use it as a sticky base for other shadows.

annabelle twistup eyeshadow pencils
Top to bottom: Taupe and Gold

Similarly, the 2 shades I received to try from the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are also great base colors, but I actually prefer these over Mokamirage. While the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils are thicker and require a sharpener, the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are slimmer, retractable, and do not require a sharpener. Just like the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils though, the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are very creamy and have a strong shimmer finish.

The TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils shade Taupe is quite similar to Mokamirage, but is warmer and more vibrant so that it actually appears on my skin. I love to use this shade everywhere - on my brow bone, along my waterline and in my inner corners as it just brings a beautiful light to my eyes. If I'm feeling like a little more drama, then I'll opt for the Gold shade, which has a strong, golden sheen to it that gives you that instant golden goddess feeling. Both shades wear very well all day with primer, but I do notice that they're a teensy bit harder to blend out than the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils. While I don't mind with the TwistUp lipstick pencils that you can't sharpen them, I find that I do mind that I can't sharpen the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils. Again, with the creamy texture, these pencils get rounded fast and it would be nice to be able to get a more precise line if you wanted to.

annabelle smoothie eyeshadow pencil and annabelle twistup eyeshadow pencil swatches
Left to right: Cocoaloco, Mokamirage, Taupe, Gold

Both the Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils and the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils are available at Canadian drugstores like London Drugs, or online. The Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencils are slightly bigger at 1.6 g versus 1.4 g and are a dollar cheaper too at $8.95 versus $9.95 for the TwistUp Eyeshadow Pencils.

Final Verdict
Buy - affordable, easy to use and so pretty!

What is your favourite eyeshadow pencil?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Aloha and see you soon!

Well after a year and a few months, the big day is finally here! Today Mr. Artist and I fly off to my spirit home, Hawaii, to get married. I can hardly believe it, even as I wake up to finish packing our bags and begin heading off to the next phase of my life.

Even after just shy of 7 years of dating, it's hard to imagine that Mr. Artist and I have been together that long. Being with Mr. Artist is unlike any relationship I've had. He makes me feel safe, happy and for the first time in my life, as if I belong somewhere. And to think that we almost never were.

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

Mr. Artist and I met under kinda embarrassing circumstances. No, we didn't meet online. We met in "da club". I was actually there to meet up with another guy who I thought was cute at the time, but that was all a bust as that guy actually brought a girl with him! Wump wump. So I was a little bummed, but still determined to have a fun night. That's when I ran into a friend of mine and he introduced me to all of his friends, one of which of course was Mr. Artist. I can't actually remember what his opening line was, but I do remember we hit it off right away and spent the rest of the night dancing and laughing together. At the time, I didn't really think anything of giving him my number, but soon after he texted me to hang out and then we went on our first dates, one of which included Christmas shopping where I made him hold my packages (*foreshadowing of the future!*). So far, this story seems pretty boring, but it never went any further than that as I ended up moving out of town at the end of that month, possibly forever, to go back to school. Oh and I also forgot to mention that I had just gotten out of a long term relationship and was NOWHERE near ready for another!

Long story short, I blew him off.

Poor Mr. Artist. He persisted and tried to keep in touch with me, but I pretty persistently ignored him, to the point where after a couple months, he gave up. A part of me was sad, but I figured he just wanted to move on and so we both did for the following few months, until the next summer. I was visiting friends and out clubbing again (this was when I was in my party phase) and there across the club from me, who do I see? Mr. Artist!

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

I don't know what came over me, but seeing him there, I felt compelled to reach out to him. Now, this is something I normally would never ever do. Yet this time I did and the next day I emailed him: "Hey. I saw you last night at ___. How are you???" I felt bad for blowing him off before and didn't think he would ever reply, but a few days later - I got mail! From there, we started emailing back and forth, sending long letters about our days, our annoyances and anything in-between until I finally moved back to the same city as him and then as they say, the rest is history.

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

Although it's not super epic or anything, I like to think that there was definitely something fated for me to have seen him that night. I am grateful that there is such a thing as second chances as I cannot now imagine my life without this silly man, who makes me laugh everyday, who makes me open up to him when I'm sad, and who just accepts me for all the good and bad (especially the bad!) that I am. Plus, he has a really cute dog, so that's a pretty good package deal.

Photo: Tea for Two Studios

Since I'll be pretty busy soaking up the Hawaiian sun and doing wedding related activities there and then back at home, I'll be going on a short blog hiatus for the next few weeks. Don't worry though, there will still be fresh content to read thanks to the help of my fellow CBB members! Super excited for you guys to read their posts as they're all amazing girls with totally inspirational blogs!

Mahalo for following me and this blog this far, and I'll see you all soon!


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Monday, September 28, 2015

Guest Post | A Makeup Geek FOTD Featuring Chelle of Makeup Your Mind

Hi everyone, I'll be jetting on a plane to Hawaii to get married soon! While I'm away, I've got some lovely guest posters here to keep you entertained and inspired. First up is Chelle, of Makeup Your Mind. Chelle is one of my fave Canadian bloggers as she always inspires me with her out of this world makeup looks, so I'm super excited that she's guesting here today with this stunning, glamourous look!

As I’m sure you’re aware, the lovely Jo is off getting hitched and I’m here today to help fill in a gap during her posting schedule! My name is Chelle and I blog about makeup with a side of fitness over on Makeup Your Mind.

I have a rather rabid love for Makeup Geek and wanted to show you how I do one of my absolute favourite looks using their shadows. To round out the look, I used a bunch of products from other brands I love as well. I hope you enjoy. :)

This is a look I opt for often when going to a special event – it has the right amount of pizzazz with that shimmery burnt gold pigment on the lid, and the false lashes definitely elevate the look. Plus, with autumn hitting us cooler temperatures, it’s hard not to opt for a berry lip!

Here’s how you can replicate the look:

  1. Makeup Geek Frappe through the top of the crease.
  2. Makeup Geek Burlesque through the crease.
  3. Makeup Geek Bitten on the outer half of the lid and a bit through the crease. I also used this shade to line the lower lash line.
  4. Makeup Geek Corrupt in the outer corner to deepen up the look.
  5. Makeup Geek pigment in Utopia all over the lid. I used Too Faced’s Glitter Glue to make sure it stayed on my lid!
  6. Makeup Geek Bleached Blonde on the inner tearduct.
  7. Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean on the brow bone.
I created the winged liner with essence‘s easy 2 use jumbo eyeliner pen and tightlined both of my water lines with Maybelline‘s Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Eye Pencil in Sleek Onyx. I applied a few coats of Urban Decay‘s Perversion mascara to my lashes and popped on some Ardell false lashes in the style 102 Black. I filled in my brows with Anastasia‘s Dipbrow in Taupe.

Rest of the Face
  • Foundation: IT cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ in Fair and Light mixed together
  • Bronzer: Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion in 30M
  • Blush: Clinique Cheek Pop in Cola Pop
  • Highlighter: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle
  • Lips: Too Faced Melted Berry
I hope you enjoyed the look! If you like what you saw, come take a poke at me over on Makeup Your Mind. Make sure you wish Jo and her new husband a happy marriage in the comments and let us know if you’ve tried Makeup Geek products before!

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque Reviews

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Grow Gorgeous Back into the roots hair mask

You've heard me rave about Canadian super-brand, Deciem before - well, I'm here again to tell you about another of their beauty brands, Grow Gorgeous!

Based out of Montreal, Deciem is like a beauty think tank and are the parents of a whole family of different beauty brands, each with their own focus and philosophy. You may have heard the near unanimous rave reviews of their Hylamide products from various bloggers (including this one!) and now the buzz is growing for the hair care branch of the Deciem family.

Grow Gorgeous' focus is on providing affordable, effective hair products that help restore hair to its natural balance and radiance. Grow Gorgeous goes beyond just your basic shampoo and conditioner and instead focuses on restorative products, such as their serums for encouraging hair growth and eliminating split ends, as well as a scalp masque for healthy strands.

Deciem was kind enough recently to send me over two products to try from Grow Gorgeous: the Cleansing Conditioner and the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque. I've been testing these out for the past few weeks and am excited to finally share my impressions of these neat products!

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner
Price: $23 for 190 ml

The Cleansing Conditioner comes in a variety of formulas designed for different hair colors and color treated hair; I've been trying to find a good shampoo that won't strip out my color, so I opted to try the latter. The Cleansing Conditioner contains no SLS and instead has a mix of nourishing plant oils to gently cleanse and condition. This all-in-one product is designed to be used in the shower as you apply it like a hair masque.

If you've never tried natural or SLS-free shampoos, the Cleansing Conditioner might take a little getting used to. It's kinda like washing your hair with conditioner! I usually take 2-3 quarter sized dollops to cover my head and shoulder-length strands. This is probably too much to use (especially as it only comes in a 190 ml tube), but I'm slowly weaning myself to use less as it really is quite hard to get over the lack of suds!

The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Water
  • Palmitamidopropyltrimonium chloride - a conditioner
  • Propylene glycol - used commonly as a foaming agent in shampoos and also acts as a solvent and for texture
  • Crambe abyssinica seed oil - a natural oil from a Mediterranean plant that nourishes hair
  • Lactobacillus/wasabia Japonica root ferment extract (wasabit extract) - an antioxidant
Other ingredients of note are jojoba oil (conditioning), macadamia seed oil (conditioning), olive oil (conditioning), tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract (a type of fungus high in antioxidants), lactobacillus/phoenix dactylifera fruit ferment extract (date palm, an emollient) and leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate (anti-dandruff fighter). 

Deciem LOVES to stuff their products with unique, strange-sounding ingredients. Unlike their Hylamide products, the Grow Gorgeous products seem to rely more on the power of nature and this shampoo/conditioner contains a surprising variety of flower, seed, fungus and root extracts for conditioning hair and for a healthy scalp.

The Cleansing Conditioner has a rich, creamy texture and a light floral scent. After 3 minutes, you can rinse this off and the result is super soft and shiny hair! I loved the ease of use of this product and it definitely kept my hair as clean and silky as with my regular shampoos. The only thing I didn't like about this product was that it did seem to irritate my scalp a tad. As well, I didn't really notice whether it kept my hair color lasting longer or not.

Final Verdict: Buy

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner and Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque

Grow Gorgeous Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque
Price: $28 for 240 ml

The second product I got to try was the Grow Gorgeous Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque. I've never tried any type of hair mask before, so I was pretty excited to try this one, especially as it's formulated to soothe itchy, inflamed scalps and nourish roots for bouncier, shinier locks. To use, you simply massage this mask into your roots and leave it on for 10 minutes. I'm not sure how often you can use this, but I've been using it a couple times a week before I shower.

The Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque has a similar, but slightly more watery texture than the Cleansing Conditioner and also smells a bit more chemical. I was a total dweeb when I first tried this mask as I didn't realize it was a twist-up pointed nozzle, similar to a tube of glue that you'd use in elementary school. Instead I twisted off the entire cap and then, puzzled, complained to myself how strange and un-intuitive Deciem had designed this mask's packaging. Total user failure!

Once I did figure out my epic fail, the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque was pretty easy to use with the pointed tip allowing you to strategically apply this mask directly to your roots. Immediately upon application I felt instant relief - like, my scalp sang Hallelulah! and the clouds parted to shine down on my relieved head. I suspected that this mask must have a ton of menthol in it (which it does) because it feels just like every other minty-finish product I've tried in the past. 

After 10 minutes is up, simply rinse out the Back into the Roots 10 Minute Stimulating Scalp Masque and continue with your usual shampoo+conditioner routine. 

The primary ingredients in this product are:
  • Water
  • Ethoxydiglycol - a solvent
  • PEG-8 - a solvent and cleanser
  • PEG-4 - a humectant and solvent
  • Polyacrylate crosspolymer-6 - a film former
Other ingredients of note are biotin (vitamin H, helps to boost shine, detangle and strengthen hair, although research is inconclusive on this), ahnfeltia concinna extract (an algae that is an antioxidant and emollient), rosemary leaf oil (conditioning), menthol (astringent), and urea (anti-inflammatory).

After trying this mask out for a few weeks, I have to say I'm pleased, but not blown away. The pros with this mask is that it did seem to make my hair bouncier and it actually felt thicker after just a few weeks!! For someone with lifelong fine, limp hair, this is really really exciting.

Sadly though, it didn't eliminate my itchy scalp. Although I looove the feeling of relief while I'm wearing the mask, I didn't notice any long term effect after. This could be due to the menthol; although menthol does an amazing job at soothing inflamed skin, the effect is temporary and can actually irritate skin further! I'm not sure if Deciem included other ingredients that counteract this, but I have a feeling that could be why this mask didn't result in any lasting relief for me.

Final Verdict: Ditch

Grow Gorgeous products can be found across North America and Europe both in store and online. In Canada, you can purchase Grow Gorgeous at The Bay and Urban Outfitters.

Have you ever tried Grow Gorgeous before? Tell me your thoughts!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Almay Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadow Review | Easy-peasy smoky eyes

almay intense i-color evening smokey eye shadow for brown eyes

Smoky eye palettes have been huge lately ever since Urban Decay released their Naked Smokey palette earlier this year and drugstore brands have been jumping onto the bandwagon by releasing their own versions of how to achieve the perfect smoky eye - some with better results than others.

Almay recently released a their own branch of smoky eye-inspired palettes with the Almay Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadows. This series of smoky shadow trios are designed to highlight the brightness of your eye by optimizing your unique eye color. There are four options available for blue, brown, green and hazel eyes:
  • the blue palette features a white, gunmetal grey and aquamarine shade
  • the hazel palette features a soft lavender, soft lilac and dark grey shade
  • the green palette features a warm cream, warm brown and olive green shade
  • the brown palette features a coppery gold, a warm brown and a black shade
The shade I received to try of course, was for brown eyes. First, I'd like to say how thrilled I am that the brown eyes trio does not contain any purples! I cannot say how bored to death I am of people telling me that brown eyes look great with purples. Yeah I get it and yeah, I'm not so much a fan. Purples are amaze-balls, but right now I'd rather wear a purple lip over a purple shadow any day.

almay intense i-color evening smokey eye shadow for brown eyes

Anyhoo, onto my palette! All the shadows in the Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadow have a strong shimmer to them, even the black, although in the pan this is not immediately apparent. Almay shadows tend to be very hit-or-miss for me, but thankfully this one was all hit and no miss for me.

Each shade in this trio applies easily with a brush (I didn't bother trying out the included sponge applicator) with rich pigmentation and no fallout. The shade are so blendable that even if you really dig into the pan with your brush, you can still blend these out pretty easily. 

almay intense i-color evening smokey eye shadow swatches

Like all Almay shadows, this one is designed for an easy 3 step application process. I just love to take a big fluffy brush to my favourite shade of this trio, that warm golden brown, and just fan it all over my lid. Like alllll over. Then I take that beautiful gold (which is way prettier on than it looks in the pan) and just dab that generously all over the middle of my lid to sparkle it up. You cannot overdo on the sparkles here. 90's matte look begone - this palette has gotten me into shimmers again. Finally, finish things off with a little blackness in the outer corners and BAM! Insta-smoky eye.

Without primer, I found these shadows to have pretty decent wear time, but my oily lids are no match for it and this does crease by nightfall. With primer, I had no troubles with creasing.

To show you just how quickly and easy these shadows are to use, here is a look I wore on the weekend while out running errands. Whenever I wear glasses, I like to wear heavier eye makeup as my uber-reflective glasses make it difficult otherwise to see my eyes, so this was the perfect chance to smoke things up with the i-Color Evening Smoky trio!

smokey eye makeup look with almay intense i-color eye shadow

makeup look with almay intense i-color evening smoky eyeshadow

makeup look with almay intense i-color smoky eyeshadow
Also wearing Guerlain Baby Glow Meteorites foundation and L'Oreal Colour Riche lipstick in Fiery Veil

You can purchase the Almay Intense i-Color Evening Smoky Eye Shadow at most drugstores, like London Drugs or Walmart for less than $10. I'm tempted to try out the other eye color trios, particularly the green eyes one just to get my hands on that intriguing olive!

Final Verdict
Buy - get smoky eyes in a flash with this lovely eye shadow trio. Rich pigmentation and an affordable price make this one a no-brainer.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Odylique Ultra Rich Balm Review | A luxurious salve for all your dryness needs

Odylique organic ultra rich balm

I'm back today with another Odylique review! In case you didn't read my last Odylique review, Odylique is a an all-natural skincare and beauty brand based out of the UK. Founded by mother-daughter team, Margaret and Abi Weeds, Odylique specializes in natural remedies for all your skin, body and hair needs. Margaret has been making natural products for over 30 years, but it wasn't until 2003 that the two decided to take things to the next level and create Odylique.

Every product in Odylique's catalog is derived from natural, and often organic sources, and is free of parabens, petrochemicals, sulphates, synthetic fragrances and common allergens such as nuts, soy, wheat and dairy. Since its formation, Odylique has piled up a ton of accolades for their eco-friendly approach to beauty and even though they've become a celeb favourite in the UK, they still operate out of the same little factory in Suffolk that they began in.

One of the products that Odylique is most famous for is their Ultra Rich Balm. Designed for eczema sufferers, the Ultra Rich Balm is a super-hydration treatment that can be applied to face, hands, body and hair. It is made up of 100% naturally sourced and organic ingredients and is rich in omega 7 and vitamins from all its organic coconut, olive, and shea butter oils.

The Guts
On that note, let's dive right into the Ultra Rich Balm's main ingredients:
  • Olive fruit oil - an emollient that is rich in essential fatty acids that provide anti-aging benefits to skin
  • Shea butter - one of my favourite moisturizers! Helps to prevent moisture loss, eliminates flakiness, inflammation and even acts as a UV ray absorbent. It also contains antioxidants.
  • Coconut oil - similar to olive oil, this natural emollient contains beneficial fatty acids to help regenerate skin
  • Beeswax - gives this balm its thickness and texture
  • Sea buckthorn fruit extract - source of omega 7 and acts as an antioxidant
And that's it, just 5 ingredients!

Price & Packaging
The Odylique Ultra Rich Balm comes in 2 sizes: a 52 ml jar for $19 or a huge 182 ml jar for $37. Of course the bigger you go, the better the deal, but keep in mind that the Ultra Rich Balm is an organic product and has an expiry of 6 months, so buying that humungo jar may not be the better option unless you plan to slather yourself all over with this stuff everyday!

Keeping in line with Odylique's simple, homespun aesthtic, the Ultra Rich Balm comes in a simple white, screw-top jar. One thing I've heard against jars is it overly exposes products to the air and allows antioxidants to evaporate away. I'm not sure if that's the case here, but I also can't imagine a balm being dispensed any other way.

I was really excited to use this balm on my trouble spots, namely my feet and also on my dry scalp. My feet especially get dry and callused in the summer as I love to walk around the house barefoot and I basically don't wear socks for 4 months. 

After I get out of the shower, I apply a small dollop of balm to each foot, concentrating on the balls and heels of my feet. Although this balm at first looks like a solid ball of wax, it immediately warms up and melts beneath my fingers to spread easily onto skin. I love the luxurious feeling of massaging this oily balm into my skin. My feet immediately feel softer and hydrated. And even more amazing, I do think that this balm has had a lasting effect. My feet feel softer, with no dry patches and my calluses are noticeably thinner. While my feet aren't baby soft yet, I'm confident that by the time I finish this jar they could be!

Odylique ultra rich balm

As well, I've been using the Ultra Rich Balm as a salve for my dry scalp. As I mentioned before, the Odylique Gentle Herb shampoo left my scalp super-dry and itchy, so I've been using this balm as a way to restore moisture back to my roots. Taking a teeny amount of balm and warming it between my fingers, I then carefully apply it to my scalp where I feel itchy the most. I like to do this while my hair's still damp from the shower, since if I apply it to dry hair, my hair tends to get greasy. Immediately, my scalp seems to give a big sigh of relief, crying "hallelujah!" to the return of moisture. My scalp hasn't quite recovered just yet, but with the help of the Ultra Rich Balm, it's feeling much better.

Final Verdict
Buy - if you suffer from dry patches, itchy or irritated skin then you need to get this spot treatment! It is worth every penny.

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